What are the most interesting New Hire Onboarding techniques?

Top 3 interesting ways to welcome new hires

1. Let the world know that I’m coming!

You just spent all that time and energy in finding the perfect fit for your organization. Why not spread the happiness by announcing it before the new hire joins the company?

This will not only let the team members know about the arrival, but will also give them a background on the new hire.

List down a bit about the new employee, the kind of role that he/she is going to take on, etc.

Help the new hire feel welcomed!

2. Create your own sweet little welcome traditions!

There’s nothing like creating your own intricate and sweet traditions when welcoming a new hire. This not only adds loads of fun elements in an otherwise boring onboarding program, but is also good for team building.

Welcome traditions can range from getting coffee-doughnuts from the most frequented café around the office or taking the new hire to the most frequented restaurant during the lunch hour (one always bonds better with food and beer!).

3. Psst… All our secrets are in this Handbook!

Has this happened to you - you’re a new employee and everyone around you is sharing a good inside joke and laughing along, but you have no idea what’s happening? (You’re even secretly thinking if they are laughing at you!)

If yes, then you know just how it feels to be left out. If not, then your company must have done the best thing by letting you in on all the company jargons and jokes! Well done!

Why not give a handbook of all the necessary intel that the person may need to feel included in the discussions? This can include all the FAQs that some previous new hires had asked, company information (important ones), and yes, of course, funny incidents!

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