Training Leader’s Guide – When to Use Gamification?

Top 4 Situation When You Should Turn to Gamification

As an L&D professional you might have faced this dilemma- is gamification a solution to every problem?

As Training Leaders it can become difficult to come up with new ways to make your learners interested in the content and stay motivated with their trainings.

We all fall prey to getting attracted to the newest/ shiniest/ most popular things, but they may not be a solution if the need for it is not justified. Just like any other technique, doing gamification for the heck of it will result in another “pomp-n-show” devoid of any real meaning and questionable sincerity.

Here is your guide to knowing if you really need gamification for this project.

Ask these questions to yourself and then decide if you need to implement Gamification.

1. Is the Content Boring for Learners?

With all due respect, every content has its place. Sometimes the learners either don’t have enough context or motivation to learn the content or simply don’t associate any premium value for completing it, and that makes it boring. Especially for mandatory training or policy training. Gamification is such cases provides bells and whistles to create engagement and sustenance strategy.

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2. Do I Want to Bring About a Cultural Change?

If you are dealing with challenges of complacency and have lost interest with your learner base then gamification can spearhead the wake-up call. A powerfully designed reward system will do its magic without the need for uncomfortable and boring discourses on bringing change with talks.

In my consulting experience, I have found that this is the single most prevalent problem of most mid-sized/big-sized companies and while the management is desperate to bring in change, mere talking about it fails to bring it through. You need a powerful intervention and gamification is a strong contender.

3. Do I Want to Rebrand / Relaunch / Change the Image of my Internal Brand of Training?

If your customers don’t value your products and your initiative anymore and feel that its ‘just another necessary evil’ and you want to change that – you need a bang that re-establishes your brand- Gamification is guaranteed to deliver that.

When your customers see the new look and feel and the game-like experience they will see the difference. They will start to take notice of it, talk about it and that is the starting of your brand-building process. A thoroughly thought-out strategy that delivers consistent messages and stories builds trust and value for the customers over the long run.

We have helped our clients do just that with a detailed strategy to establish their new brand consistently that delivers more value to their customers. You can schedule a FREE session if you would like to discuss your unique context.

4. Do I want to improve the learning performance?

Intrinsic motivation through the accumulation of badges, points, etc. as a testament of effort and encouragement to do better.

Extrinsic motivation through competitions among learners and making leaderboard public- learners are bound to put in their best when they know their name will be ranked.

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