What does the New Hire Onboarding statistics say?

Top 3 New Hire Statistics Business Leader Must Know About

1. All that hard work in recruiting a talent does NOT stop once the employee signs on the dotted lines. Learn what your new hire requires from you!

According to a study of over 1,000 people done by Bamboo HR, “31% of respondents had quit a job within six months of starting it.”

Adding to that, “a steady stream of employees left from the first week all the way up to the third month.” What do new hires really want in the first week?

    • On-the-job Training
    • Review of Company Policies
    • Company Tour, Equipment Setup, and Procedures
    • Have a Buddy/Mentor

    2. Don’t make the same mistakes like them!

What are the main reasons that new hires leave an organization quickly?

Serve exactly what you offered- Let the work not be any different than what you promised during the interview round.

Create a lasting impression, not a ‘last’ impression- Being a good boss initially is better for a new hire who is already on the edge with all the new roles and responsibilities.

Let them decide- Employees are still walking a thin line when it comes to their careers, which at times can result in a loss. So, make correct choices at the interviewing stage.

3. Stop and Think - Is your onboarding duration justified?

Having an onboarding program is not enough; paying equal attention to its duration is more important.

Studies show that a large proportion of staff turnover, as high as 20%, can happen within the first 45 days. This means that having a rigorous onboarding program that charts out an employee’s journey really well can have a positive impact on an organization.

The effective onboarding period should be close to 90 days that allows an employee to assimilate himself well into the organization.

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