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Gamification Book Testimonial


Found your Gamification Book Pdf very helpful in understanding how to add gamification in learning. I am going to apply it to one our our upcoming initiatives.

KAY D. WAKEHAM  //  Global VP of Talent and Employee Engagement


Your Gamification PDF ebook would be very informative for individuals who are novice in the gamification in Learning field.

MICHAEL SUTTON  //  Game-Based Learning Innovator & Architect

Gamification Book Testimonial

Helped me Restructure the SOP

This Gamification Book  really helped me uncover the gamification meaning , i plan to use it a lot for restructuring the sop for my project..

SHIJU GOPAL  //  Talent Acquisition Specialist- Dominos Piza


this Gamification book PdF has come out well. It provides comprehensive information on gamification in learning  and it's implementation.

NAND MORAB  //  Senior Consultant at The Taylor Reach Group

Gamification Book Testimonial
Gamification Book Testimonial


I just downloaded the Gamification pdf Book and I must say that its AWESOME....So far I have been listening a lot about the new buzz - "Gamification" but now I can read and understand what exactly this is and where all I can implement this in the payment organization.

RAKESH BHAMRI  //  Sr. Service Delivery Leader (AVP) at American Express India Pvt Ltd.


The Gamification book gives a comprehensive amount information for the knowledge managers to think of implementing Gamification.

VIJAYA RANGASWAMY //  Manager - Leadership & Capability Specialist

Gamification Book Testimonial
Gamification Book Testimonial

A good beginners guide

A good beginners guide to gamification of content.

PREETHAM SHETTY  //  MD, Co-Founder,Ekin Knowledge


This book is a comprehensive guide for all learning leaders like me to understand gamification from scratch  like what is gamification meaning and also how to use it in training function.

PAWAN KUMAR //  Head of Training, Executive Coach, HR Leader

Gamification Book Testimonial
Gamification Book Testimonial


Very Very effective!! Starts with What is Gamification in training and builds on it.

SUBHODIP BASU ROY //  Niche Global Experts Deployment


good resource for training leaders.

ASHWINDER SINGH //  Head Training at Mextrix Leap

Gamification Book Testimonial

About the Author

Gamifiaction Expert| Aman Deep Dubey

Aman Deep Dubey is Chief Learning Strategist with Learn Tech ,A learning Design Studio, dedicated to developing innovative design and technology solutions for organizations. He has been recognized as top 25 most promising L&D consultants in India by consultant Review Magazine. Aman has over 15 years of experience leading learning training interventions, He has front line experience of implementing gamification concepts for organizations.


Gamification in Learning|What is Gamification in Learning

What is Gamification in Learning

Get introduced to all things that make up gamification- right from gamification definition to the 7 key gamification elements that make the gamification experience enchanting and engaging , most importantly purpose and meaning of gamification

Gamification and Choosing the Correct Strategy|What is Gamification in Learning

Different Types of Gamification and Choosing the Correct Strategy

Both the terms-gamification and serious games are used interchangeably, but they are different. Learn what the difference between them is, what are their characteristics, and when should they be used

Benefits of Gamification|What is Gamification in Learning

Benefits of Gamification over E-learning

Get introduced to the TOP 10 reasons why training leaders are vouching for Gamification over e-learning.

 7 Key Gamification Elements and Employee Motivation|what is Gamification in Learning |

Top 7 Key Gamification Elements and Employee Motivation

Do the 7 key gamification elements motivate learners in any way? Read what the research on motivation says.

Drivers of Motivation link to Gamification|What is Gamification in Learning

How Drivers of Motivation link to Gamification for Learning

Gamification works because it is rooted in psychological research and motivation research find out how ...

Use Gamification in learning|What is Gamification in Learning

When to Use Gamification in learning?

Is gamification the magical elixir? Is it the solution to all the problems? Maybe not! Read the 4 situations that warrant the use of gamification.

Design a Successful Gamification Experience|What is Gamification in Learning

How to Design a Successful Gamification Experience?

What are the TOP 4 often overlooked gamification techniques that can make or break your gamification experience? Get the answer here to design an engaging gamification experience.

Implementing Successful Gamification Program|What is Gamification in Learning

Implementing Successful Gamification Program

Get introduced to the “5-Step Method” of ensuring a successful gamification training campaign in your organization. Learn how to deliver right from planning, communicating, strategic partnership, to claiming success.

Free Resource|What is Gamification in Learning

Free Resource-Logo & Badges

Create your Gamification Logos and Badges using these ready templates for your gamification initiative

Ideas to gamify the Classroom|What is Gamification in Learning

Awesome Ideas to gamify the Classroom

How to implement gamification in your classroom training workshop ? use these ready ideas today

Case Studies of Gamification|What is Gamification in Learning

Case Studies of Gamification in learning 

Gamification at work !! See how gamification helps india's major company reduce new hire time from 10 days to a Zero

Further Reading|What is Gamification in Learning

Further Reading

Get our pick of 10 best videos from Ted on gamification

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