What are the Critical Skills Today's  Knowledge Professionals  need to bring Continuous  Process improvement 

Watch how a Soap Factory solved its problem.

Process Improvement – off the shelf E learning Course Catalogue

'Think Improvement' is a 4 part E- learning series designed for knowledge professionals enabling process driven organization. 

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THINK Technology - Think Improvement - off the shelf E learning
THINK Best Practices - Think Improvement - off the shelf E learning
THINK Benchmarking - Think Improvement - off the shelf E learning
THINK Analytics - Think Improvement - off the shelf E learning
THINK Quality Tools -Quality Culture Training - Cross Culture Training - Ready made e learning

THINK Quality Tools -Quality Culture Training - Cross Culture Training - Ready made e learning

Get Your Teams  Empowered with skills of Today ! 


International class e- learning program

Easy bite sized concepts -Newbie friendly

Real life examples from contemporary organizations 

Engaging conversational style

Focused on applied behaviors

Aligned to corporate culture and ecosystem

Designed for the Indian workforce working in global environment, attuned for Indian mindsets and sensibilities. 

Aman Deep Dubey

 Aman Deep Dubey 

 Innovation Coach  

Newbie friendly: the best part about this program  is that it does not assume or require any specific education or experience, the concepts are so easily explained that anyone can understand them"

Who is it for?

BPO, KPO, Data Centers, Process driven organizations, Back offices, Captive processing centers, Shared Services,Outsourcing delivery.

What metrics will the 'Think Improvement' Program Impact?

  • Productivity
  • Dollar impact savings for the client
  • Reduction in escalations
  • Quality metrics
  • Average handling time
  • Employee satisfaction

Methodology & Approach 

Inspire- Empower-Impact

The IKAC Approach

Interactive & Conversational 

Are we going to learn six sigma tools , Lean Tools or Kaizen ….in this training program ?

These 4 training modules are an hour each, and have been built in accordance with the best practices of corporate learning design.This training is designed and developed with the help of professionals from the industry.

Think Improvement Program is the 

'Mental Boot Camp for Knowledge Professionals' 

Dheeraj Luthra

Vice President - Moody's 

This is really what I was looking for my teams, an absolute must package for knowledge organizations determined to excel.

We are constantly under pressure from clients to improve our processes. I have gone through the program it looks like it can deliver just what we need. 

Customization & Branding Possible

Add your context and inspire with your stories- make it truly your own.

NO LMS -NO Problem 

'Think Improvement' comes with a reporting solution giving you the power to track progress and score in real time. 

Think Improvement is available as a standard SCORM ,Tin Can compliant module that are plug and play with any standard LMS.

THINK Technology 

Automation decreases the process delivery time and increases quality. It’s not just about designing Macros or writing VB scripts. It’s about developing a mindset to identify redundancy in processes, by identifying repetitive and non-value adding tasks. ‘Think Technology’ does just that. It empowers you with the mindset knowledge professionals need, to identify opportunities for technology integration.

How Can Businesses ensure they are..

leveraging technology to keep their processes in top shape?

The answer is to apply 'Think Technology'!

In this training learners will be able to:

  • Understand what it means to think technology and appreciate its importance
  • Understand the enablers to Think technology and apply them to processes
  • Come up with high impact ideas to apply technology to their processes 

THINK Best Practices

Great ideas are like saplings, they have to be nurtured, and built upon, for that Ideas have to be made transaction ready. Only the mindset of an empowered professional can take this idea to fruition, 'Think Best Practices' does just that! It builds the necessary paradigm in the learners to appreciate, seek , leverage and contribute ideas that can create a difference and gives them tools to do that

How can businesses ensure that they are..

Able to capitalize on every idea that has an impact on their business ?

The answer is to apply 'Think Best Practices'!

In this training you will learners will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of using best practices as a tool for success
  • Identify where you can find and look for best practices.
  • learn the process of adapting , contributing and sharing  best practices and put them in action.

THINK BenchMarking

Ability to realistically measure up processes against any other for focused business relevance is a key source for breakthrough ideas and approaches. The 'Think Benchmarking' program is a paradigm builder for the learner to get excited about measuring up processes and deriving insights that can impact their own process.

How can businesses know..

how good their processes measure up to others, and how to leverage the best which is out there? 

The answer is to apply 'Think Bench Marking'!

In this training, Learners will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of the benchmarking concept and its power to drive process improvement.
  • Learn about the types of benchmarking , what to benchmark and whom to benchmark against.
  • Learn the process of Bench marking and apply it to their own process.

THINK Analytics

Intelligence is hidden in the smallest of data items, it's astounding to learn how data intelligence is helping organizations make winning moves in the market and in their processes. 'Think Analytics' is about firing up the imagination of learners to find out hidden patterns in the business that can uncover valuable insights about your business.

How can businesses ensure ....

they are aware of all patterns that are governing their business environment and are using these valuable insights to modulate their strategy.

The answer is to apply 'Think Analytics'!

In this training you will learners will be able to:

  • Understand what is analytics and its application to all parts of  business.
  • Use analytics to make predictions by turning data into valuable, actionable information.
  • Understand various statistical tools such as, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and classification and segmentation to enable you to apply analytics to your work.

Per User

Turnkey: With Hosting and Reporting 

upto 500 users

minimum signup :100 users

  • No Administrative Headaches- Just Access the Reports from the fully featured LMS.

Rs 20,000

@ Rs 200/user

Pay with credit card.

Self Hosted

Plug and Play with your Existing LMS

Unlimited Users

* of 1 company 

  • SCORM/TIN CAN compliant module
  • Support During Integration 

Rs 200,000

5 Year Liscence

Pay with credit card.

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