Basics of Gamification for Training Leaders

7 Key Elements of Game Dynamics

Gamification is turning out to be a preferred tool for Learning & Development professionals for corporate organization training.

To understand Gamification, let’s look at the definition of Gamification closely:

Gamification is the process of using gaming elements in non-game conditions with a purpose of reinforcing positive learning behavior.

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What are 'Gaming Elements'?

Some of the most common elements in Game Mechanics are:

A. Game-like structure that includes

  • 1.Milestones: Game structure requires milestones that player will need to complete or pass through.
  • 2. Rules of play
  • 3. Guide to winning the game

B. Game Dynamics 

  • 4. Points or scores/badges that refer to any accumulation on part of the learner as a result of progressing in a game.
  • 5. Levels refer to different stages one can reach during the game
  • 6. Obstacles/Challenge: Some tasks or events that lead to a change in scores or progress.

C. Competition

  • 7. With others: That can be measured with score comparison with others. For example-Leaderboards. Leaderboards refer to a compilation of all player scores. It helps an individual see where they lie in comparison to other people.
  • With self: One can compete with his previous scores or a benchmark of:
    1. Time Limit: How much progress has one made before the time ran out?
    1. An Event: How much time was taken for an event achievement?

See how these gamification elements drive motivation and engagement in employees. 

What are 'Non-game Conditions'?

Any experience that does not contain above-mentioned game elements. These game-like structures are characteristics that give an aura of a game but do not follow the design of an actual game. There is a clear difference between gamification and serious game.

What is a 'Positive Learning Behavior'?

Any behavior that helps meets the learning objective of the experience. For example, a learner who answers correctly to a question being asked. During gamification, it becomes the subject of point/badge accumulation.

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Gamification is a simple technique to turn any experience into a game-like experience. This makes learning not only fun, but helps learners grasp complex knowledge and skill easily.

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