Preventing Sexual Harassment @ Workplace

A Comprehensive Training for understanding and dealing with sexual harassment at workplace.

Let's Creating a safe work environment for all

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  • Many a time, the sexual harassment happen at workplace is due to ignorance of law; many of employees do not have any idea about what constitutes an offence under law;
  • It’s a general belief that the POSH law is for the benefit of Women. In fact, under law, the women also can be punished (the same punishments as of men), if the complaint is found to be false.
  • the POSH Law is applicable to ALL establishments in India. the number of employees, the structure of the company etc., are not relevant
  • This Training will help answer these questions for the learners:

    • Prior to a business meeting, while waiting for all participants to join, a male supervisor asked his married female subordinate who was wearing high heels whether she, like his wife who also loved wearing high heels, enjoyed sex. When the meeting was finally over she fled in tears. According to you, did sexual harassment occur?
    • Sheila worked at a BPO. She went out socially with the male night-shift supervisor. The supervisor picked her up at a grocery store near the restaurant. They had dinner and went back to his house where there was some sexual activity. She alleges that he raped her. According to you, did sexual harassment occur?
    • What according to you defines sexual harassment?
    • What are the different types of sexual harassment and how to identify them?
    • How to deal with unwanted attention and sexual harassment?
    • What are things that you need to keep in mind when recognizing sexual harassment?
    • How to report sexual harassment?
    • How to document sexual harassment?
    • What documents are necessary that can be used as evidence in a case of sexual harassment?
    • How would you be able to prevent sexual harassment?

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