MTS, an organization with offices and an employee base spread across the country, has built a tremendous online intranet portal that offers important information and many avenues to connect and share with each other.

The objective was to encourage the employee base, spread across locations to use the portal more often, and stay connected.

We created a webcast for their intranet portal that familiarised the login procedures, home page overview, a quick roundup of the different kinds of information available, and tips on how to connect E learning Case study and share through the site.

All recordings happened on the company premises and computers (no special access required for production) did post-production and delivered in a format that loads and runs easily on PowerPoint and on the web.

We created a webcast of their online learning portal, familiarising the login, course search, and enrolment procedures, a great resource for trainers and learners for quick reference, and reducing the time it takes for the first time user to figure out ROI of Digital Learning 

ROI of Digital Learning