We create the ultimate look, feel and sound for your products based on the objectives and audience. get quick overview of graphic theme elements here

Designing a theme includes the following elements:

Color Story: Different colors have different effects on our minds and have a different emotional appeal, they can behave differently when used with other colors. We create the color story and pallets for your product in different mediums, that are appealing, unique, have higher recall and that can best justify the objection.

Graphic Design: We design custom logos, icons, other design elements as a part of the Visual Theme Design process.

Font Design and Selection: Handwritings can reflect the character and we believe the look and feel of the written text also communicate; we create a unique and aesthetic feel for your offering, by carefully selecting the inherent moods hidden in font types and styles.

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Template & Interface Design: To create a consistent theme in all your Mailers, Posters, Flash Cards, Web Pages, E Leanings, Teasers, and PowerPoint we design a family of templates optimized for various mediums that can express the same design story, giving your communication the look of consistency.

Mascot & Character and Visual Theme Design: We pay more attention and recall faster when we have a face to associate with. When you have a character in your communication, you add character to your communication.

We Design Mascots For Companies, Departments, Interventions, Products, Campaigns, Web sites, E Leanings, Presentations or for any other purpose. We design characters in 2D, 3D and in variety of rendering styles, along with various poses and animations for mood based use in your communication.

Talking Characters: Imagine a virtual character talking to your audience on your website/widget or in your E Learning course

Check out some characters in an action of Visual Theme Design

Sound Design: We create right sounds for your initiatives, be it logo sounds, transitions, voice overs or any other custom requirement

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Looking to create a unique look for your project, an integrated theme that runs across all your communication, We offer complete visual theme designs services, from Template Design, Interface Design, E Learning console design, PowerPoint Design, Logos for training, E Learning Graphics, 3D visualizations, Character /Mascot Design, Talking Characters, to innovative Presentation Ideas.