New Age Videos in Training 

Interesting ways to use the videos to create WOW!


​3D Videos

​Immersive & Interactive Experience for Exploratory Learning.

Use Case

​Machines Parts, Industry or a Facility walk through, Any space of interest.

Best For

​Exploratory Self Paced Experiences aiding Spatial appreciation and recall.

​360 Degree Video

​All Angles Experience of Real Spaces Capture Moment in Time.

Use Case

​Virtual tours & Events.

Best For

​Town halls, Conferences, Product Launch Event, Awards, Virtual Walk through of manufacturing and Services area Experiences worth reliving and revisiting for strong emotional connect.

​Branching Video

​Make your story - Choose your actions -face the consequences

Use Case

​Safety, Compliance, Soft Sills training

Best For

​Building appreciation of consequence of actions. different ways to approach a situation. learn by living it through virtually (total recall)


​Hotspot Video

​Augmented videos with Annotations and links

Use Case

​Provide further information, user input

Best For

​Domain training, Technical training, compliance training. any place worthy of cross reference, and learner input.

​Quiz Videos

​Use Quiz inside the video - Gamify your videos

Use Case

​Embed any assessment, Score watchers.

Best For

​Check Attention, Comprehension during video watching.

​Chapter markers

​Create Jump Pointers  to different parts of the videos

Use Case

​Create chapters in a long videos for quick navigation

Best For

​Lectures, Talks, Event recordings, Panel discussions etc.

​New Age Video Strategy

​Cutting edge strategy to solve old challenges

​​Live Video

​Go Live with your teams on mobile.

Use Case

​​Leadership connect, Authentic/Accountable /Transparent communication

Best For

​​Give ability to go live from mobile on quick notice, While on the go - with ease.

​​User Generated Video

​​Users create content capture relevant knowledge /best practices/know-how

Use Case

​​Social learning ,knowledge management, Capture Organization Knowledge, Firing up learning culture

Best For

​​Capture the knowledge and wisdom of your teams in a fun social learning way

​​Point of performance Videos

​​Make training videos available where you need them using augmented reality & Qr Codes

Use Case

​Interactive environment, On Demand Training, Place of performance training, Safety Procedure, Equipment Handling

Best For

​Domain training , Technical training, compliance training. any place worthy of cross reference , and learner input.

​​Leadership Podcast

​​Build Leadership connect and influence in your organization

Use Case

​Leadership connect, Mission Alignment and Commitment, Navigating Change

Best For

​​Increase contentedness of the leader with their teams with this potent tool of creating influence

​Must have Videos in your Training Strategy

​These 4 essential video types are a must in video training offerings

​Big Picture Video

Build big picture understanding of complex concepts

Use Case

​Value chain, Business dynamics, Process flow, Your role in organization

Best For

Make Complex Concept easy to understand with Visual relationships 

​Application Training

​Over the shoulder walk through of key tasks on system

Use Case

System training, Microsoft excel, ​Powerpoint, Visio, HRMS, Employee self service

Best For

Explaining how to use , navigate , perform tasks in application

​Soft Skills Videos

​Good Behavior Videos building mindset and clarifying process

Use Case

​Softskills, Leadership, Safety training

Best For

Establish Models of Good or Expected behavior, Mindset and Response. 

​Product Videos

​Visual demonstration Show and tell of important actions

Use Case

​Product demonstrations, How to use, Troubleshooting maintenance

​Corporate Videos

​Capture the history, achievements and mission of your organization 

Use Case

​Company orientation, New Hire On boarding, Visitors area

​Leader's Vision

​Capture the vision from the leaders from their own words.

Use Case

Company mission and vision communication, alignment 

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Build Your VIDEO Training Strategy 

Prioritize for Highest ROI 

On Demand Micro Webinar 

4 Reasons why Learners don't show interest in your training programs and how to FIX it.

STOP Pushing - Create the Pull

Videos to Promote your Training 

​Video strategy to see full house in your trainings

​WIIFM (What's in it for me)

​​Provide reason and benefits to influence your learners

Use Case

​Build buy in for your training program


​Ignite excitement with cinematic teasers

Use Case

Excitement builder, Sneak peak 


​Capture emotion and excitement of benefiting people

Use Case

​​Build social proof, ​Relevancy and aspiration

​Workshop Introductions

​Provide an overview of the Learning Content

Use Case

​Give information to help your learners make an informed choice

​Understanding Different Treatment of Videos

Training Leader's Guide to choosing the right video style for their videos.

Budget videos

​Photo slideshow with music

​Build video stories from images

Use Case

​Showcase events, Functions, Launch activity etc.

​PowerPoint to video with voice over

​Build videos from slides

Use Case

Low budget conversion of slides into videos


​Screen capture videos for system trainings

Use Case

​​Application training

​Professional Grade

​Get Custom Videos done for your Needs

​Whiteboard Animation

Explain Relationships ,Workflows,Concepts, Ideas visually

Use Case

Training content explanation 

Best For

Conceptual understanding , Big Picture videos, Complex Relationships, Soft Skills videos

​Animated Explainer

Explain Complex Concepts, Create Animated Stories with Characters 

Use Case

Explainer videos, Complex Relationships, Soft Skills videos, Product videos, WIIFM Videos

Best For

Impactful stories /explanation ,character animation , visual storytelling  Videos for your Audience , High Quality cinematic looks good on bigger displays ,  

​Live shooting

​Simple to complex on site shooting requirements using 360 Degree Camera , Drone, Dolly etc.

Use Case

When Stakes are High , Create Custom Video Content unique to your organization