Training Need Analysis Techniques

If you want to know what are the training needs that should be of the highest priority, then we can help you by conducting a detailed TNA to determine which training needs should be addressed first. It’s easy to get caught up in addressing priorities that may seem urgent at the moment only to realize later that they were of little consequence.

We help our clients get a strong head-start with the right training priorities that will have a maximum positive impact on the overall health of an organization.

We conduct TNA in alignment with these elements:

  1. Company Goals & Vision: To ensure that the training empowers the employees to achieve company’s short term goals and prepares employees for the long-term goals.
  2. Skill Gap Analysis: To ensure that employees are geared up to meet the demands of their job and are able to perform at higher levels.

How can we assist you?

360-degree feedback of employees and managers.

Customer Feedback: Internal and External.

Changing market/industry dynamics: Understanding trends and preparing for the relevant skills.

We help conduct online surveys, interviews, and FGD’s to capture information and build a training strategy that is focused on achieving results for the company.

Training Need Analysis Techniques