THINK Benchmarking – Process Improvement Training

THINK Benchmarking

Learn to Measure up your metrics.

A definitive guide for today’s knowledge professional working in process driven organizations to drive process improvement.

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Why This Training?

‘Think Benchmarking’ program is a paradigm builder for the learner to get excited about measuring up processes and deriving insights that can impact their own process.

Target Audience?

Corporate professionals who work in teams or have to manage effective relationships at work

Experience Level

Junior to Mid level

Total playtime

35 Mins

​Think Benchmarking Tools for Continuous Process Improvement culture and quality training, Corporate employee Training – Online Off the Shelf E learning Course for LMS and Mobile Learning App with certificate.

Section 1 :

Role and Importance of Benchmarking

  • Make Realistic Assessments : Exercise
  • The Xerox Story
  • Xerox Used Benchmarking to Face New Market Entrants From Japan
  • Results

Section 2 :

Why Benchmarking

  • Why Benchmarking Is Important?
  • Importance of Benchmarking
  • Usefulness of Benchmarking

Section 3 :

What to Benchmark

  • The Benchmarking Concept
  • Types of Benchmarking
  • Selecting What to Benchmark

Section 4 :

Who to Benchmark

  • The Steps and Levels of Benchmarking

Section 5 :

The Benchmarking Process

  • Benchmarking Process

Section 6 :

Benefits of Benchmarking

  • Benchmarking Definition Review
  • The Benchmarking Process Review
  • Feedback

This Training will help answer these questions for the learners:

  • Why Should I Benchmark?
  • What benefits does Benchmarking have
  • How to tailor best practice as per your need.
  • What is Benchmarking in simple terms

Some Screen Shots from the Training

​Think Benchmarking on Mobile Learning App with Certificate

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Aman Deep Dubey - Learning Strategist

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