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 How resilient are you?

Resilienceis defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.

This quiz will help you identify your resilience quotient.

This is an essential skill at the workplace as it helps you recognize how well you handle stress and adversity. It helps you identify your reactions toward stressful situations and how these situations affect your behavior and mental processes. It also shows you how you are currently dealing with stressful situations.

If you are a team leader or manager

This quiz will help you understand your team members better. It will help you identify and understand their needs better. It will help you predict their actions and reactions and help reduce interpersonal conflict. This will give you the opportunity to build a more robust team culture, where each one is aware of the others style. It will also enable you to identify any training needs for your team. Come let’s take the plunge and take this quiz for your team and build stronger teams. You get the customized reports for your team Free of Cost!