Recently I came across an article of Peter King from Capgemini  and he showcased his resume that was different and more effective. I shared it with my client friend, it captured his imagination too! so we decided that we will do his resume (as he is currently exploring possibilities)  using the same design language making resume surfing a more engaging process that creates more meaning for the to reader.

Here is it the before after version of his resume.

 ** Before **

 ** After **

The feedback we got on this clearly had people say these things

  • Unique(never seen before)
  • Easy to understand
  • Fresh looking
  • Stands out from the heap

Under the Hood !

Here is a Visual walk through of all parts and how they are assembled ! 

For those interested to understand and leverage this storytelling method of presenting your resume, here are the nut and bolts-step by step guide of how you can do it in shortest possible time. And leverage this template, free!  that’s Right! - Just fill in the blanks and there you go your own story telling resume.

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