How can an organization ensure that it is getting better at what it does? And do this at minimal cost investment?

Let’s see… Most organizations whether it’s a KPO, BPO, Captive Centre, shared services or services organization, are driven by well-defined processes and the performance of these processes are the indicators of organization’s fitness to compete.

Process Performance is indicator of organization fitness to compete

These processes need constant upgradation to become better and better, these upgradations can only result from constant inflow of high impact ideas aimed at process improvement. Veterans know from experience that it is a mammoth task and maybe there is a secret key involved here that can unlock this reservoir of high impact ideas from every process without mobilizing resources and spending costly management time on it.

Building organization rigor and hiring specialists is an expensive affair with momentary results.

The elegant solution to this problem must be

Low cost, Sustainable and Effective.

and there is One Way to achieve this :

Empowerment of people to lead improvement in their workspace

It’s because people who work their work have access to far more number of levers in the process that they are able to see. Smart businesses understand this fact and channelize the best ideas of their work force into process improvement. This channelization creates an ever increasing reservoir of great ideas which can lead to massive improvement in the long term.

Process improvement tools are enablers, NOT drivers of process improvement

What organizations need is a heightened state of commitment and empowerment on the part of the team member to look for opportunities and solutions or in short Think Improvement. Here are the 4 Critical skills that today’s knowledge professionals need to attempt process improvement.

Augment Six Sigma, Quality Kaizen Training with Quick Improvement Mind-set training for building culture of continuous process improvement.

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