Simulations in Training

Reality in Sandbox

Simulations are reality in a sandbox , uncover different use cases where you can successfully use simulations and save massive management time and cost.

An Advanced tool in hands of serious HR Leader to identify job success drivers and Train -Assess-Coach with precision.

Leadership Simulation

Master new Strategies to create better results in the new role by playing - A day in the life of (desired role)

Give your New Leaders a taste of the complexity and dynamics of a specific. role, Learners try out their natural strategy see its impact, and adopt new more effective strategies

Use Case

# Training for New Role preparation

Business Simulations

Master strategies to make business work better.

Create a complex program that simulates the way business works, with different variables , capture the impact of decisions in interconnected complexity.

Use Case

# Simulate business parts or whole business process.

Leadership Processes

Standardize and scale key leadership conversations and processes.

Standardize the leadership processes, Give your leaders a way to master crucial conversations by trying out different strategies how it pans out , and learning from it.

Use Case

# Leadership conversations on feedback , appraisal , coaching etc.

Simulation of Coaching 

Simulate and scale intense coaching experiences.

Simulate a real life coaching experience digitally, Any skill or strategy that requires nothing less than a coaching experience to master.

Use Case

# Teach Programming, concepts or complex subjects

Tactical Simulation

Simulate complex precision tasks training

Simulate complex tasks that requires complex precision assembly of different parts following a procedure.

Use Case

# Product assembly, startup procedure, technical process

Application Simulation

Digital hand holding experience to shorten  learning curve of new applications.

Handhold new learners to use a new application , learn step by step how do do various tasks in application.

Use Case

# Excel Proficiency, New Application training, doing complex tasks.

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