Simulations in Training

Reality in Sandbox

Leadership Simulation

Master new Strategies to create better results in the new role by playing - A day in the life of (desired role)

Give your New Leaders a taste of the complexity and dynamics of a specific. role, Learners try out their natural strategy see its impact, and adopt new more effective strategies

Use Case

# Training for New Role preparation

Business Simulations

Master strategies to make business work better.

Create a complex program that simulates the way business works, with different variables , capture the impact of decisions in interconnected complexity.

Use Case

# Simulate business parts or whole business process.

Leadership Processes

Standardize and scale key leadership conversations and processes.

Standardize the leadership processes, Give your leaders a way to master crucial conversations by trying out different strategies how it pans out , and learning from it.

Use Case

# Leadership conversations on feedback , appraisal , coaching etc.

Simulation of Coaching 

Simulate and scale intense coaching experiences.

Simulate a real life coaching experience digitally, Any skill or strategy that requires nothing less than a coaching experience to master.

Use Case

# Teach Programming, concepts or complex subjects

Tactical Simulation

Simulate complex precision tasks training

Simulate complex tasks that requires complex precision assembly of different parts following a procedure.

Use Case

# Product assembly, startup procedure, technical process

Application Simulation

Digital hand holding experience to shorten  learning curve of new applications.

Handhold new learners to use a new application , learn step by step how do do various tasks in application.

Use Case

# Excel Proficiency, New Application training, doing complex tasks.

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