Fire up Sales Achievement with Gamification 

The New Way of Training Sales force - Robust, Engaging and Scalable 

Leverage Gamification

to Fire up your SalesForce

Create a sustainable Culture of high achievement with a true and transparent Reward and recognition system, that builds trust and fires up intrinsic motivation and healthy competition to achieve better results.

Gamify your sales preparation

Map out the different phases of your sales journey with typical scenarios, learners get a Complete Coaching Experience of engaging with the customer through the entire funnel.

  • Measure Current Competence
  • Coach for better performance.

It's like the flight simulator training for your sales pilots.

Proposing the right solution

Customer have different profiles , and different needs , Sales person has to understand the need and propose the right feature to get the prospect engaged. Practicing diagnosis of different customer needs and solutions builds more agility in the sales person to improvise in the real world.

FAB Championship

Build the Rigor of being Brilliant at Basics.

This design helps the sales person get clarity  about product features and the right phrases to use while communicating its value to the prospect.

Championship Mode ensures that all the troops are buckled up and ready for real !!

Gamify the Performance

Integrate the real performance data like sales reports, KPI achievement into the system and gamify performance , award achievement on a regular basis on automated mode and create a true recognition system to recognize the best performers with all the fan and fare.

Calculate Training Impact and ROI with Ease

Link training performance to actual achievement find triggers and improve training impact. Calculate the ROI of sales training easily.

Sales Gamification Ecosystem- Automated, Immersive, and Rooted in Reality.

Serving Different Industries


Driving powerful and engaging learning/sales events for inside and channel sales


Supercharging the sales productivity of medical representative

Electronics and Appliances

Driving higher occupancy rates by gamifying the leading indicators of your scale.


Improving sales productivity  of insurance agents through proven sales effectiveness program

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