As Is Process Map

It depicts a process as it is, currently. "As is" process maps are usually characterized by several input options, bottlenecks and multiple handoffs, inspections and rework loops.


Method for organizing the workplace:

Sort—throw out what is not needed

Set-in-Order—create a visible system to organize materials

Shine—clean the work space and equipment

Standardize—establish guidelines for sorting, ordering, and shining.

Sustain—adhere to these rules. Develop an audit system or rating system if needed.

5 Whys

Ask “Why?” until you get to the root cause.


A standard to measure against.


Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Incremental process improvement methodology that identifies a problem area, measures it, determines why there is a problem, and then fixes it.


In a business environment, this refers to the place where value-added work is created.

Genchi Genbutsu

See for yourself to understand a situation.


Commit to improvement through relentless reflection and self-awareness; thereby establishing a learning organization.


A scheduling system that defines what to produce, when, and how much.


This is a Japanese term that means ‘continuous improvement’. In the service industry, it refers to activities that continually improve business functions & processes.

Relationship Mapping

Represents communication and dependencies between entities.

Root Cause /Causal Path Analysis

A class of problem-solving methods for identifying the causes of problems or events to develop effective corrective actions to prevent reoccurrences.

Tree Diagrams

Used for root cause analysis.

Total Quality Management

A management concept designed to reduce errors produced, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline processes. The approach involves improving quality by ensuring conformance to internal requirements.

Augment Six Sigma, Quality Kaizen Training with Quick Improvement Mind-set training for building culture of continuous process improvement.

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