You don’t get a second chance to create the first impression

Context: New hire experience is the first impression that a company etches on its employee’s minds, the engagement quotient that employee will bring to the job is a direct function of how he/she is made to feel during the induction program. Research has uncovered that attrition during the first 6 months of joining can directly be attributed to the standard of the new hire experience employee enjoyed.

Our Philosophy & Methodology:

Every New Hire Program design is unique, in our experience and practice we have found that an ideal New Hire Program achieves the following objectives:

Create Brand Ambassadors: Create excitement in New Hires about the company, its growth, and their career growth opportunities in the company.

Build Comfort and Confidence: Increase their sense of comfort with the company, its people. Understand company structure, policy and know that there is help and support available.

Build Conduct and Competence: Understand values & competencies framework relevant to them, understand behaviours expected of him/her.

Build Performance: Understand their roles as a new hires, be aware of their learning plan and feel motivated to come up the learning curve and contribute to business with precise strategies and actions plans.

Benefits of Our New Hire Program

A  well designed induction process will ensure clarity to new hire about the organization, the role, the work, the way to conduct self that will translate to higher morale and contribution to the company right from the start.

How we can help: We support your organization with the following services.

What we do:

Create training material: We collaborate with SME to create the training material from scratch.

Link to research and content creation

Refurbish existing material: We apply instruction design to all existing training material, to make it learner friendly, engaging, and effective.

Link to visual theme design, instruction design, and link to slides of MTS

Preparation of Documents: Creation of New Hire kit, participant handbook, facilitator hand book, interactive digital documents etc.

Document Creation

Online Support Portal: Development for New Hires for frequent queries, tips, engagement, constant follow-up and progress measurement.

Link to Website Development

Game Development: Interactive, adventure games that review most important company information.

Examples of Interactions

Online E Learning Modules: Create E learning for important modules that New Hires can learn from, at their own pace, coupled with learning interactions and quizzes. Scores of individual are trackable.

Job Aids:

Learning Tracker: A company branded journal that is designed to record and structure the learning of the New Hire in first few months in the company.

Link to Learning Tracker

Soft Skills Modules: We develop activity based sessions aligned to company values and leadership competencies like: Living the values, employee ship, business etiquettes, communication etc. These classroom sessions will reinforce and bring to top of mind all important information.

Assessments: We design exercises, activities, quizzes, puzzles, and outdoor challenges, psychometric assessments to test, and reinforce important concepts. We develop multitude of online interactions that will engage and facilitate learning for the employee.

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Learning Strategy and Design: Every company is unique in its culture, style and vision. One size does not fit all, we develop strategic learning design and profile based learning paths based on your company’s requirements and the learner profile.

To give them an on boarding experience that is truly enriching and empowering

Deployment: We facilitate new hire on boarding learning session across multiple locations with our team of learning facilitators.

We also conduct Train the Trainer Course to equip internal trainers to conduct sessions internally

Multi Media Development: We develop employee engagement stories, slideshow of events, motivational values based short movies, and company/department movies.

Explore More

We have added tremendous value to organizations by helping them create a scalable and robust New Hire Engagement programs, culture building interventions around organization values, creativity and innovation, and leadership.

We conduct workshops on Lateral Thinking, Psychometric Tests like MBTI, Personal Effectiveness Trainings like Time Management, Creating Your Own Brand, Employee Ship Training, and Business Skills.

To develop team synergy, we conduct workshops on 6 thinking Hats, Team Building, and MBTI based interventions, Team Leader Training,

We also develop Custom Training Programs as per skills /competencies and desired behaviours. Please see our workshop design philosophy and profile of our Learning Facilitator and Chief Learning Strategist.