The Culture Building aspect of people centered process improvement demands a tool that is the pivot of all engagement and encouragement. Such a tool needs to be transparent and is designed for:

• Participation

• Capturing ideas

• Nurturing ideas

• Prototyping

• Execution

The system is designed to take as far ahead, every idea that can get to fruition. This system need not require a sophisticated tool. It can start simply by dedicating a pin up board.

Encouragement Design: Gamification of the activities may provide a simple method to assign points on every type of enabling activity like:

• Person submits an idea

• Person builds on another idea

• Person connects multiple ideas integrates into a solution

• Person/team prototypes the idea

• Person /team executes the idea

Ideas similarly receive points when they are built upon, connected or referenced, and like everything else of interest can be liked or commented upon. Management can shortlist/ sponsor ideas that can be quantified with points

How to make it work :

• Start small; start with your team

• After some basic training on how to identify opportunities for process improvement, ask them to submit ideas- present them in a dedicated forum.

• Take voting to give points to each idea

• Encourage collaboration by asking people to build and connect ideas

• Vote to give points on new connected versions.

• Encourage prototyping : provide support through dedicated training or any other support.

• Present prototyping results and vote to get points

• Integrate suitable ideas

How would you like this concept automated?

If you would like something like this for your organization, join us to contribute your thoughts and custom design something like this for your organization Totally awesome!

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