Matching Drop-down is a graded question that requires the user to select items from drop-down menus to match items in the first column. . All items in the match column must correctly correspond to all items in the choice column for the question to be graded as correct. View Full Screen

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How do we know if our learning exercise has been effective, simple by testing how much learners have retained or how effectively can they apply what they have learnt. These assessment design ideas can be developed as per the blooms taxonomy to test for different stages E- Learning Design & Development in India

These assessments can easily be created and administered for many purposes follow up on your training programs

·        test for critical knowledge compliance or product-related

·        identify the high potential learners

·        just keep a knowledge check of all learners on an on the basis of Assessment Design

Learn Tech Assessment Engine lets you easily run assessment campaigns with complete tracking and analytics

Check out some more ideas that can make learning more engaging and interactive learning and more playful with learning games.

E- Learning Design & Development in India

Get professional instruction design for your learning material and let the results speak for themselves,

If you are a Sales company, a manufacturing unit a BPO, or a consulting firm, creating a knowledge repository can take the learning index of your employees to a new level see the case for E Learning and why your organization needs digital Learning.