Mascot & Character Design: We pay more attention and recall faster when we have a face to associate with. When you have a character in your communication, you add character to your communication.

We Design Mascots For Companies, Departments, Interventions, Products, Campaigns, Web Sites, E Leanings, Presentations, Decision-Based Scenarios, or for any other purpose.

Mascot and Character Design | Graphics Development – Learn Tech

We design characters in 2D, 3D, and in a variety of rendering styles, along with various poses and animations for communication /mood specific use.

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Looking to create a unique look for your project, an integrated theme that runs across all your communication, We offer complete visual theme designs services, from Template Design, Interface Design, E Learning console design, PowerPoint Design, Logos for training, E Learning Graphics, 3D visualizations, Character /Mascot Design, Talking Characters, to innovative Presentation Ideas.