We develop interactive games to test knowledge and build skills.

You can use these templates to create your own game or quiz and engage your audience.

You can use them for: 

•   Part of E-learning development experience

•   Create contests and competition

•   Create assessments

Interactive Assessments:

What if you could build a new level of excitement in your existing training or create an event of engagement for your learners by inducing healthy competition or contest.

These interactive assessments are a great tool to check the knowledge & skills of your learners in an engaging environment, creating a distinct thrill of experiencing a real-life game show and compete with others.

Functionality: These interactions come with the functionality to record performance for individual learners so that you can run a contest and compare the scores of all participants.

• 100 % SCORM compliant, they can talk directly to your E-learning development and Management System and record scores as per your standards

• We can create LMS independent deployment so that you can enjoy the tracking feature without the LMS

• 100% customizable to your questions, quickest turnaround time and ready to be deployed on short notice.

Creating Engagement Campaigns: Are you promoting an initiative or just want to keep your learners hooked and learning, all you may need is a world class experience, and some thrill of competition.

Choose from these 12 interaction templates and create your own multilevel adventure that will test the knowledge of your learners, induce healthy competition and create big engagement.

We can help design a truly engaging campaign based on your needs, contact us!

Spruce up your existing trainings: Have you sometimes felt the need to engage your learners after the classroom training or E learning is over to:

Learning Interactions | E-learning development

•  Assess the retention of knowledge

• Keep them engaged and in touch with the subject

• Identify ambassadors of the initiative

• Build new excitement in the existing trainings


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