We design learning interventions for teams/departments and organizations based on skill gap analysis, company objective, customer feedback, training to need analysis, changing dynamics of market/industry/company, or any other input.

Our designs are holistic in approach and hybrid in delivery. We harness the best of learning technology, multimedia, and classroom experience to strategize the most effective plan for the given audience profile and other parameters.

Our designs balance the crucial elements of emotional acceptance, reinforcement, practice, support, culture and guidance throughout intervention to bring about behavior changes for the long term. Our designs are built for needle movement on verifiable skills, knowledge, and attitude.

Our Intervention Design Process include:

  • E-learning Solutions
  • Video Trainings
  • Classroom Trainings
  • Offsite Trainings
  • Team Building
  • High Potential Development Program
  • New Hire Engagement
  • Leadership Development Program

Intervention Design Process