If you are a Team Leader or a Manager, you will love this..

You can leverage these psychometric quizzes to deepen the understanding of your team members and use this intelligence for team building or training purposes.

You can get customized reports just for your team, It’s FREE!

Follow the steps below to get your own reports.

1. Take your admin code by filling up the form below.


2. Send this Admin code to all your team members, they can fill this code before starting the tests

Sample Email you can send

Hi Friends,

Please go to the page https://learntech.in/learntech/digital-assessments

And attempt the quiz name:

Input the Admin Code  ( Please copy paste from above) when you are asked for it

3. Please click on your custom reports link (sent on your email )to get your customised reports updated real time.

Track your Trainings

You can also check out the EZAE Assessment Engine, a powerful reporting tool to manage the training of your teams.

It is a No Frills LMS (Learning Management System), many small and medium businesses are using to manage the learning of their teams better. By focusing on two most important Metrics that matter when it comes to performance based learning…completion and Performance. find out more here