We have deep dived in application of gamification to online learning, New Hire onboarding and classroom training. It’s time to take it further…..to what matters finally! Performance.

Lot of companies have done performance gamification, for example a sales firm gamifies the performance metrics of its sales agents.

As per their performance metrics, agents gain badges and points and which are tradable for rewards.

The gamification of Performance approach builds a clear visual reflection of the performance landscape, provides motivation to improve through rewards and peer competition

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Every performance is monitored and given its rightful credit because the system is automated, visual , fair, transparent, built for improving morale,

Wish there was a tool that can make it easy to achieve this!

If you are a leader and want to experiment with gamifying the performance of your team.

Then you may be interested in the tool my team is building to help leaders create a gamified workspace.

Join me here and I will keep you updated on the project. As a part of prelaunch engagement I will work with team leaders to implement the system and transform how their culture performs.

Join me here