Creating a Game Like Experience for your Learners

Mountain Expedition

Inspirational storytelling with Climbing Missions like Everest 

Super Popular theme to build a metaphor for training achievement works well across different generations of employees.

Use Case

# Evergreen, Universal

Healthcare City Mayor

Strategy style game focused on solving challenges.

Custom developed theme for Mature Audiences - Mid management builds the metaphor for thoughtful decision making strategy etc.

Use Case

#Strategy Game

Island Challenge

Survivor Style game where you collect resources   

Works well with technical and millennials, Builds a metaphor for Problem solving and Resource fullness  

Use Case

# Survivor Game

Car Racing

F1 - Car racing Style Game, Different racetracks.

Fast paced game for young workforce, builds the metaphor for speed, adventure, control 

Use Case

# Fast Paced, Adventure, Speed

Bhag Milkha Bhag

Classic Platformer Games Mario Brothers style 

Retro Game template for mature mid aged audience who remember playing these games as kids 

Use Case

# Strategy Game

Assessment Games

Gamified Quiz Templates based on popular games

Lots of read to use templates to make your quizes more fun, interactive and gamelike.

Use Case

# Game Quiz Templates

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