Beware of Hebelkraft
Fraud Interior Design Contractors 

Fraudsters - Beware !!

Vaibhav Sharma

Shitanshu Sharma

I hired Hebelkraft for interior design work at my premises - It Turned into a Nightmare !!

Share this post with any one who is in the interior design space or likely to take services , so that others can be saved from Fraud !!

They misrepresented their capability , posed as experienced contractors - actually do not have a single person on payroll everything they outsource to other non competent people like themselves.
They Supplied  substandard material, the installation broke within 1 week . They did  not visit the site at all, Failed at every possible juncture, got the fittings sizes wrong three times. 

They are economic offenders they have not filed their GST return since june 2017 till date 1st May 2018. Approximately 1 Year 

They gave me an invoice and charged GST , which they never deposited to the department. because of which i have to hire a lawyer and waste my time at excise department and Economic offence department.

Please spread the word around so that they are not able to cheat other gullible customers using their English speaking and well dressed  charms.

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