Context: One of the main points of the company was the upkeep and maintenance of the scientific equipment at the customer’s end. The company had to send trained personnel to demonstrate the product and troubleshoot in case of difficulty. It was causing a huge burden on the company resources and there was a delay in providing the timely resolution to the customer.

Solutions: We developed the video training on the product covering all aspects of the product set up, running and maintenance, and most common troubleshooting techniques. The video files were packed as a DVD that went along with the equipment and uploaded online (click here to view the online version)  for quick reference by the customer. It provided much-needed relief to the company as the customers were encouraged to view the demonstration and solve their problems at their own end before help can be arranged, thus empowering the customers. Hindi versions were also developed by dubbing, thus making it valuable to customers of different language preferences.

Technology Used:

Instruction Design, Script Support, Storyboarding, Video Content Creation, Audio Production, Dubbing, 3D Compositing, DVD Creation, ROI of Digital Learning, Graphic Design and E learning Case Study, and much more.

The video was shot in the company premises using Chroma Technology, which was later taken to the post-production bench for audio, video work. 3D models of the product were created to illustrate the working principles and other instructional requirements.

E learning Case Study

•  Hindi version of video training

•  DVD designs

•  Chapter intro, short intro

•  Game for assembly

ROI of Digital Learning