Context: For one of our clients, who has a big manufacturing facility that employs people from diverse backgrounds and profiles, there was a need to bring everyone on the same page when it came to conducting themselves in various professional situations.

Solution : We designed a 12 part self-paced learning intervention based on Professional Etiquettes, exploring commonly encountered situations and dealing with them in a professional manner. As the topic was soft skills oriented and the modules were designed to simulate behavior in a real-life environment giving the choice to learner to make the correct decisions to make the initiative a success, it needed constant reinforcement, not just a one time event. We designed an innovative reinforcement mechanism to keep people engaged, behaviors constantly aligned and culture of ROI of Digital Learning training initiative.

Technology Used:

Gaming, Simulations Scenarios, Research, and Content Creation, Video Content Development, Intervention Design, Instruction design, Etiquette Initiative, Visual Theme Design, E learning Case Study, and much more.

ROI of Digital Learning