Context: Envirotech Instruments is a leader in air pollution monitoring equipment. The company has been conducting training courses on environment-related topics for over 30 years. The company wanted to explore new ways to take their learning to their customers.

Solutions: In their efforts to bring the learning online and create a go-to place for environment-related learning. We developed the web portal , India’s first environment training portal that hosts scientific research papers, recordings from various training events on air pollution monitoring. Product demonstrations of monitoring equipment, E learning Case Study for environment-related topics.

ROI of Digital Learning

We researched, collated, developed, and repurposed the content from the scratch; developed the portal platform on a content management system ‘Joomla’ making it easier for the company employees to update at their end and integrate the online management system ‘Moodle’ on the site to host, author, and track courses.

Latest Technology used: Web Portal Development, Content Creation, Converting Offline to Online Content, Graphic Design, ROI of Digital Learning.

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