Digital Learning is the most powerful tool for organizations to take their learning to a new level. It can completely revolutionize your learning culture and take your results to the next level and achieve immense reduction in training related costs. Don’t like reading? Get E-learning synopsis here.

Digital Learning is not a substitute to classroom trainings. It unlocks a far bigger universe of possibilities and results which were not possible in the conventional ways of training!

Key benefits of moving to Digital Learning:

• Be able to do more number of training for your teams.

• Reduce human dependency on delivery, make your training experience world class, standardized, and uniform for all learners.

• Be able to measure learning progress by individual/profile/department or at the organization level at the click of a button.

To know more about this new approach to learning and how it solves the organization training related challenges, see: What is E-learning? and the Case for E-learning. Learn how easy it is to convert existing powerpoint material to E-Learning with augmentation.

We design E-learning solutions that are enchanting, engaging, and effective.

Our team of psychologists and instruction designers with support from the design team and developers, work in collaboration with the SME on a subject to create an effective learning experience that engages your employees and saves your money.

How we offer services?

  1. End-to-End: We can develop and deploy complete end-to-end solutions.
  2. à la carte: We can collaborate with your internal team to create necessary components like design and development of Learning Games, Assessment Design, Document Creation / Technical Writing, Interactive Learning, Learning Management System, Simulations & Scenarios
  3. Competence Building: We can provide your team with the necessary expertise like Instruction Design, Rapid Authoring Software Training, support and tools to develop and deploy solutions internally.



  1. Pre-Work: Training Need Analysis, Research and Content Creation, Instruction Design, Intervention Design
  2. Development: Multimedia Development, Video Content Creation, Document Creation, Graphic Creation, Interactivity Development, Audio design, Learning Games,
  3. Deployment: Classroom Training, Train the Trainer, Learning Management System, Assessment Engine
  4. Measurement: Assessment Design , Calculation of ROI, Impact on Performance and Culture.
  5. Reinforcement: Create continuous learning platforms like Dedicated Forums and Community Development, Learning Engagement Programs.
  6. Branding & Promotion: Visual Design and Branding, Theme Creation, Template Design, Mascot Creation, End-to-End Graphic Design, Printing Services.