Most managers are surprised even SHOCKED! When they measure how much conventional training is costing their organization.

Find out how much money you are really spending on your trainings in your unique settings. 

Take this interactive estimator to get  Expense and Saving figures for you!

Automated Estimator

Download the automated Excel sheet to quickly calculate 'Cost and Time Advantage' in converting your existing classroom training to Digital Learning. Download now!

NO LMS -NO Problem!

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a sophisticated Learning Management System to leverage Digital Learning for your organization. 

Our trainings comes free with a no frills reporting tool that helps you track performance and completion in real time. 

Plus tools to take it to the next level:

  • Learner specific training schedules
  • Leader boards
  • Automated reminders

Many more features that takes care of all your training administration needs. So you can be free of all mechanized tasks and can spend that time with your customers.

All our modules are SCORM & Tin Can compliant =  Works with any standard LMS

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Saving BIG on 'Time and Money', on your Trainings.

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Digital Learning is the Missing Link managers need to  Catapult their organization to new levels of preparedness.

This is how the two approaches for organization training fare on critical parameters.

Here is why

Training Managers

Love Digital Learning:

Track performance of all learners:

Take the guess work out of training metrics, track coverage and performance of your learners in real time. Get fact based intelligence that you need to take strategic decisions regarding your talent and strategy.

Do more trainings, more effectively:

It’s for real, companies adopting digital learning strategy are able to offer many more training solutions with the same resources and budgets, and get better results.

Make trainings on demand:

Deliver trainings when your customers need them not when you can deliver them. Scalability is the single most important virtue that unlocks the next level of performance in your teams.

Build sustainable levels of learner engagement:

Create a culture of healthy competition. Digital learning is all about speed and competition. It creates the buzz you need to keep your teams focused and motivated.

Automate the administration of trainings:

Take the headache out of training administration. Stop running around to ensure attendance of trainers and trainees. Let technology do it for you. Spend your time on high value customer interactions and need assessments.

Deliver consistent learning experiences:

Make your trainings human error free. Build a stronger employer branding by delivering learning experiences that are world class and reflective of your standards every time.

Make your trainings more interesting and engaging:

Digital learning can offer an immersive experience equivalent to a one on one coaching style. With the power of multimedia, virtual interaction and innovative learning design strategies like gamification, decision scenarios, exploratory interactions, simulations, digital assessments and learning games you have many tools to keep your learners engaged.

Save Massive Cost and Time:

It’s true! Your organization can save enormous amounts of money and management time. It’s saving up to 5 times on everything, management time, expense etc. With the same budget and resources you can deliver 5 times more trainings.

 New Hire Experience

New Hires make lasting impression about the company in the first few days.

Every business knows that loosing new hires within the first few months is a BIG loss to the bottom line. It is believed that early attrition is attributed to a lack of structured training and guidance.

The challenge most organizations face is that they are not able to deliver a structured well designed experience consistently to every employee when they join the company. The reason for this is pure logistics. Such as not having a large enough batch size , non-availability of internal trainers etc.

Digital Learning plugs that gap elegantly by creating an on demand New Hire Experience so that all new hires get the right experience right at start.

Gamified New Hire Experience

Engaging new hires to get up to speed quickly is the key to organizational success in today’s attrition prone environment.

How do we create an experience that fuels the motivation of new hires to learn quickly and well?

Presenting the 'Gamified New Hire Experience' that provides a compelling learning experience like no other.

  • Immersive Game like Environment 
  • Score Based Progress
  • Challenges, Obstacles,Levels and Leaderboards

Saurabh Kapoor  Training Lead - HCL

Gamified New Hire experience from learnTech has really captured the imagination of our new hires , provided high quality engagement & recall and enabled our vision to better manage on-boarding.

Get your team  upto speed quickly!

Get Better Engagement -Better Recall

Create Competition and Build Competence with Ease.

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Design an AWESOME ! New Hire Experience

Creating a New Hire Experience can be tricky business. Join  this webinar and you will uncover:

  • 3 mistakes that organizations make  that RUIN their New Hire Experience 
  • How to Structure the Content for New Hire Program
  • How to Make New Hire experience more FUN and Engaging 

Get Access to Tried and Tested Blue Print for New Hire Content Development, Ready to use for any organization : Get up to speed in minutes with your new hire plan.

Presented by Aman Deep Dubey- Chief Learning Strategist -Learn Tech

Aman has over 15 years of corporate training experience, he has managed many new hire programs and consulted with organizations to build their unique programs.

Progressive Businesses are Breaking the Limitations of the Past and Managing Their Talent Better with Digital Learning.

How do we deal with the challenges of organization training? What are the inherent limitations of traditional methods? What is digital learning and how does it solve the productivity equation?

Applications of Digital Learning

Process Training

Are you a process driven organization? Build a crystal clear understanding and undisputed alignment among all your teams. By ensuring that everyone has understood and recalled the same consistent flow and function.

Technical Training

SME’s and Instruction Designers together break complex concepts into bite sized building blocks that builds the clarity in learners step by step, Toughest Technical Trainings can be delivered through digital learning with ease.

Product Training

​How features have to be explained and demonstrated, how to troubleshoot, make everything step by step and empower your teams to model the best way. Create engagement with your customers by giving them the information on demand.

Software Simulation

Every organization relies on applications to manage their workflow. Digital Learning ensures that your teams can practice dummy workflows as if they were working on the real application and experience scenarios that build clarity on the job.

Compliance Training

The most popular E-learning application lets you track progress and completion, and report compliance at an organization level.

Behavioral Simulations

If your organization believes that there is a process and a best way to conduct important human transactions, with the help of digital learning we can create simulations and scenarios that can mimic the real world responses and events and give your employees a sandbox to learn and perfect their skills without making any real world damages.

Leverage Learning Scale to Improve Performance

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Work with the Proven Agency


The Learning Design Studio​

The Learning Design Studio

Lets Make Learning Fun!

Learn Tech is a Learning design studio, we specializes in developing engaging learning experiences .

At  Learn Tech we believe 

' Solution is in the Design'

 Clients Say!

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Kamal Preet Singh ChawlaAssociate Vice President - Corporate HR 

I have engaged Learn Tech for many projects now, they have time and again delighted us with their service delivery. They bring to the table clear understanding of the business requirement, outstanding design capabilities across many domains, out of the box -innovate solution design. I recommend LearnTech to all serious L&D leaders.

Hardeep SinghDeputy General manager -Human Resources

Aman brings tremendous passion to the table and not only is this rare, it is also heartening. He and his team went out of the scope to deliver cutting edge solutions not only on one but each of the projects on which we collaborated. He is an absolute delight to work with, a thorough professional who manages both relationships and quality of delivery.

Sriram Kunnathur

Director Learning & Development – Sapient Nitro

I was totally impressed with my experience with Learntech. Aman & team displayed great focus and commitment in delivering the course and also shared their expertise on multiple tools. This enabled us to elevate the standard & reduce development time considerably. all of us here at Sapient really appreciate and acknowledge your teams skills and efforts in helping us successfully launch this course. We believe that we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the specific knowledge, skills and flexibility that you and your team brought into the project. Everyone here believes that the experience of working with you was fantastic.Overall, I am very happy to  engage LearnTech.

Gandharvi Nadkarni

Director Trainings – Dunnhumby

We partnered with Learn Tech to convert an Instructor Led Training on a very important tool that is the backbone of our company. In the initial stages we were skeptical about the effectiveness of the E- Learning solution for a tool/technical based training that involves core programing. We wondered whether E- Learning would really be able to do the job given there was no instructor. Learn Tech was able to understand our concern and prepared a demo of how digital technology can be used to create a learning experience that is even better than the one that gets delivered in the classroom. While I have worked with Learn Tech in the past for creating ILT material, I was highly impressed with the insights and expertise they were able to bring to table with regard to an E-learning solution. Learn Tech worked very closely with our SME team and were able to structure and articulate the content from the eyes of learning objectives, which was a big learning experience for us as well. Their biggest strength is in the design of the learning experience which we felt was immensely focused on delivering learning that matters on job, and yet making it very interactive for the participants. From the initiation of the project they followed the project plan shared with us, and worked within crunched timelines to meet our launch dates.

We have got great feedback from our internal and global stakeholders on the training program. The E-learning course is now being used by our global counterparts to train their people on the tool as well. Learn Tech also help us calculate the return on investment which reassures our partnership as one to benefit from. Overall we saw professional collaboration, great design & understanding of our requirements, great teamwork , quick development cycle, great service and an international product delivery. I reckon we will partner with Learn Tech in the future with similar and unique requirements. I recommend Learn Tech as a truly worthy partner for innovative learning solutions.

Gaurav Panwar

Manager Training- Ericsson

Team at LearnTech, really took the time to understand our business and its unique IT needs. They created a personalized service plan that helped streamline our business processes and prepared us for the future. Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other agencies we have dealt with. They manage to render their technology support 24/7/365, which is commendable.The Module has been appreciated by all our Technical and Non technical staff, even our counterparts from other countries. I can say that * module was the best E learning that I have done in years

Book Consultation to See our Demos and Feel the Difference

See how the Managers practiced leadership skills in a sandbox ,fine tuning every part of the process.

Simple game that supports Managers ability to assess the emotional state of others and modulate his own communication

Gender sensitive, game based Immersive experience to create better recall and competition.

See how a 2 min game built for customer education saved the company over thousand hours in visit time.

See how a self-paced, coaching style design to teach programming in a new language saved massive amounts for the company

See how Telecom Company gets its professionals up to speed quickly with new product launch. Ready to sell.

Environment Training for Senior Management with open ended navigation design to suit the profile of the participants and business objectives

Template based Gaming experience that can be built for any kind of training.

Sales training on the go for the seller and the customer –simple smart and effective tool.

If you are still wondering if Digital Learning is for you! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions

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How can Digital Learning create employee engagement?

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