How to obtain customer pulse?

Use these "Magic Words"

Many at times dealing with customers can become difficult. Even using wrong words, phrases, sentences can lead to a bad customer service report. What can you do to improve a customer's service experience? Use these sentences when in doubt!

1. How can I help?

A very direct and straightforward sentence that can help to assess the needs of your customer. 

2. I can solve that problem.

Customers often come to solve their problems and it would lead to a very unpleasant moment if you say it directly to them that you can not do anything to solve their issues (even though that is the truth). Always do everything you can first to solve the issue. A little bit of reassurance will go a long way.

3. I don't know, but I'll find out.

A sentence that can go very far in establishing a positive relationship with your customer. When you have tried your best in solving an issue and have come up short on all possible solutions, then be honest and let your customer know that you don't know what to do more. But, also offer to find out the possible solution. This was a customer knows that you have tried to really go out of your way to give them the best possible experience.

4. I will take responsibility.

Taking ownership of any kind of blunders - big or small can have a positive impression on your customers. Blaming others for the mistakes or even ignoring them can lead a customer to believe that serving them is not your main priority. 

5. I will keep you updated.

It is a bit annoying when no follow-up is provided after registering a complaint. One needs to update customers on any new developments happening around.

6. I will deliver on time.

Say and execute this. On-time delivery is not just a responsibility, but a need of the hour as well. If not your service, a customer can move on to someone else who delivers on-time.

7. The job will be complete.

Again, reassure your customer that the job will be done on-time. 

8. I appreciate your business.

This is one of the best ways to close a deal or an issue with a customer. Show your appreciation for a customer's time and energy.