Creativity is learnable, anyone can be creative.

Creativity in context of business means

• To come up with ideas that can impact the bottom line, improve the process, reduce turnaround time, increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, or reduce costs

• To come up with out of the box approach to solve a problem/approach a situation

• To come up with more options and ways of doing things

Dr Edward Debono‘s work in this field has shown that creativity can be learnt by use of creative thinking tools of lateral thinking and more.

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We have added tremendous value to organizations by helping them create a scalable and robust New Hire Engagement programs, culture building interventions around organization values, creativity and innovation, and leadership.

We conduct workshops on Lateral Thinking, Psychometric Tests like MBTI, Personal Effectiveness Trainings like Time Management, Creating Your Own Brand, Employee Ship Training, and Business Skills.

To develop team synergy, we conduct workshops on 6 thinking Hats, Team Building, and MBTI based interventions, Team Leader Training,

We also develop Custom Training Programs as per skills /competencies and desired behaviours. Please see our workshop design philosophy and profile of our Learning Facilitator and Chief Learning Strategist.