New Hire Experience

New Hires make lasting impression about the company in the first few days.

Every business knows that loosing new hires within the first few months is a BIG loss to the bottom line. It is believed that early attrition is attributed to a lack of structured training and guidance.

The challenge most organizations face is that they are not able to deliver a structured well designed experience consistently to every employee when they join the company. The reason for this is pure logistics. Such as not having a large enough batch size , non-availability of internal trainers etc.

​Learning Design  plugs that gap elegantly by creating a holistic - on demand New Hire Experience so that all new hires get the right experience right at start.

Gamified New Hire Experience

Engaging new hires to get them up to speed quickly is the key to organizational success in today’s attrition prone environment.

How do we create an experience that fuels the motivation of new hires to learn quickly and well from day 1?

Explore the 'Gamified New Hire Experience' that provides a compelling learning experience like no other.

  • Immersive Game like Environment 
  • Score Based Progress
  • Challenges, Obstacles,Levels and Leaderboards

Saurabh Kapoor  Training Lead - HCL

Gamified New Hire experience from learnTech has really captured the imagination of our new hires , provided high quality engagement & recall and enabled our vision to better manage on-boarding.

Design an AWESOME ! New Hire Experience

Creating a New Hire Experience can be tricky business. Join  this webinar and you will uncover:

  • 3 mistakes that organizations make  that RUIN their New Hire Experience 
  • How to Structure the Content for New Hire Program
  • How to Make New Hire experience more FUN and Engaging 

Get Access to Tried and Tested Blue Print for New Hire Content Development, Ready to use for any organization : Get up to speed in minutes with your new hire plan.

Presented by Aman Deep Dubey- Chief Learning Strategist -Learn Tech

Aman has over 15 years of corporate training experience, he has managed many new hire programs and consulted with organizations to build their unique programs that delivers better results and saves them Money & Time 

Make your Training Decks look SHARP and Professional.

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Formatting the deck is by far the most excruciating, time taking task that trainers do.

Leave it to the experts!

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Graphic Support 

Jazz up my presenation

Got your slide's content in place, just need awesome graphics, Illustrations to create the story with  that clean &  professional look

Includes :Formatting, Slide composition , Custom Graphics Development, access to library assets for images,Icons, info graphics etc.

Strategy Support 

Make my presenation

Confused / not sure of how to structure your presentation. Don’t worry our experts will work with you to clarify your message and present it in the most impactfull way so that you get the desired result from your audience,