Continuous Learning Journey  

A revolutionary Hybrid Construct that drives learning absorption to much deeper  level.

Continuous  learning journey is a hybrid model using classroom workshop and mobile learning to achieve much higher learning effectiveness,  by creating a learning journey that pans many months 

  • Classroom workshops
  • Pre and post test knowledge test
  • Regular assessments to test knowledge retention about products/process/market/policies
  • Online synchronou coaching sessions between trainer and trainees
  • Survey to gauge other related learning needs and challenges.

With little incremental Effort much greater Impact can be achieved 






Benefits for Learners

More Accessible: All trainings are now available on phone

Better Learning engagement and Focus: as the learning will last no one day but over months , this gives time for learners to engage with the content more and  really take the time to really absorb the material and stay focused on learning.

Utilize Idle time for learning: while travelling/ waiting learners can continue with their learning even on offline mode

Know their standing : Get a realistic assessment of how the learner is doing wrt its peers and where does he rank in the overall group based on learning performance, it adds a degree of motivation to do better than others.


Benefits for Stakeholders/HR

Get finger on the learning pulse of the organization : no more guesses , know for sure! with real time reports the company can know with utmost clarity the actual knowledge level of their teams  with detailed reports on attendance / engagement /Assessment performance at the level of department and region and also at individual level.

Get real intelligence to improve then the skill gaps: with intuitive and detailed reports Stakeholders can identify low performers who need further help, high performers who can champion or lead initiatives, areas where teams are not performing well , this level of intelligence was not possible before without the technology enabled continuous learning journey

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