Digital Learning Case Study

Teaching Programming Online

Company takes a leap by going digital on their highly complex business critical training.

See how we simulated  a one-to-one coaching session! 

Testimonial from the Customer

Gandharvi NadkarniDirector-Training

  "We partnered with Learn Tech to convert an Instructor-led-training on a very important tool that is the backbone of our company. In the initial stages we were skeptical about the effectiveness of the E- learning solution for a tool/technical based training that involves core programming. We wondered whether E- learning would really be able to do the job given there was no instructor. Learn Tech was able to understand our concern and prepared a demo of how digital technology can be used to create a learning experience that is even better than the one that gets delivered in the classroom. While I have worked with Learn Tech in the past for creating ILT material, I was highly impressed with the insights and expertise they were able to bring to table with regard to an E-learning solution. Learn Tech worked very closely with our SME team and were able to structure and articulate the content from the eyes of learning objectives, which was a big learning experience for us as well. Their biggest strength is in the design of the learning experience which we felt was immensely focused on delivering learning that matters on the job, and yet making it very interactive for the participants. From the initiation of the project they followed the project plan shared with us, and worked within crunched timelines to meet our launch dates. We have got great feedback from our internal and global stakeholders on the training program. The E-learning course is now being used by our global counterparts to train their people on the tool as well. Learn Tech also help us calculate the return on investment which reassures our partnership as one to benefit from. Overall we saw professional collaboration, great design & understanding of our requirements, great teamwork, quick development cycle, great service and an international product delivery. I reckon we will partner with Learn Tech in the future with similar and unique requirements.

I recommend Learn Tech as a truly worthy partner for innovative learning solutions.""

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Business Context 

Dunnhumby is a known expert in providing analytical intelligence to the biggest retailers in the word. The company works on a specialized program application called SAAS which requires all new hires and engineers from top colleges to get through this boot-camp on how to write programs in this application.


The company placed very high premium on the quality of training being delivered to their human talent. To fulfill this commitment they engaged their most valuable experts to deliver this 10-day training program.

As the company was expanding its talent acquisition, the need for such training programs for their new hires increased significantly.

As a result, the company faced the following challenges:

1. The experts/most capable assets of the company were engaged in delivering the training for a very long time and their absence had an impact on the overall performance on the floor and the boot camp was turning out to be too long time for the new hires to get accustomed to.

2. The company definitely wanted to review the way they were upscaling their new hires, but was not sure if “Digital Learning” would prove to be effective in delivering these highly technical conceptual subjects like programming.

Our Approach

We understood the nature of the subject and the complexity of dynamics that happens inside the classroom through which programming currently was being taught.

We knew that this project required more than just downloading or narrating the concepts. It required upscaling the new hires step-by-step into various levels of programming, and that design of the learning experience was the key to success in this initiative.

Our Solution 

We spent considerable time with the SMEs to understand from scratch what they taught and designed the e-learning program that simulated a personalized coaching session that each employee can take in the self-paced environment. The design was kept flexible to accommodate learners with different speeds of learning and careful attention was given to details to ensure that students cannot move forward before demonstrating their understanding of the concepts they learnt. The learning design was kept highly interactive where learners inputs governed how the module would progress.


A 10 day, 80 man-hours classroom training was compressed to a 3.5 hours of training. Saving 75 man-hours for every learner who joined.

Upskilling time was reduced drastically from over 2 weeks to just a couple of days.

Company was able to extract their experts from the classroom back to the floor where they were required the most.

Company found the Digital Learning approach to be more effective in delivering training as it was like getting every new hire to sit with their expert one-on-one.