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An amazing story of how a company “Reduced its On-boarding Time from 10 days to a ZERO!

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Saurabh Kapoor  Training Lead - HCL

Gamified New Hire experience from learnTech has really captured the imagination of our new hires , provided high quality engagement & recall and enabled our vision to better manage on-boarding.

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Business Context 

HCL Infosystems is a leading services and distribution company with a massive employee base. HCL hires new employees across divisions and provides rigorous classroom training to get them up to speed. The current training program takes more than 10 days!


New Hire Trainings for individual divisions was led by Divisions HR/Training Team. Consolidating dashboard across divisions was a manual effort. There were “no clear synergies” that all divisions could enjoy from content and delivery perspective.

The New Hire On-boarding could be reduced from 10 days, but laptops were not assigned immediately- A challenge faced even when the New Hire Training was digitized.

Our Solution 

HCL team came up with an innovative solution to solve their problem and we aided in their solution by creating a gamified online version of their New Hire Training that could be delivered across divisions through a link which was on the internet. Links to this training was sent to selected employees who had to complete this training as a pre-joining formality.


A unified “New Hire Experience” was created for all new employees joining the company across divisions.

A more engaging product was able to capture the imagination of the new hires, delivered for higher recall and created a premium image for the company right at the start.

It replaced major part of the 10-day classroom training; freeing the Internal HR /Training/Business Resources from the monthly engagement.

With an LMS in place, management was able to get intelligence into the performance of different

We Create Business Impact with Breakthrough Learning Design

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