Business English 

Learn the  of correct use of English in Business  

A definitive guide for professionals to use the language correctly and avoid embarrassment of wrong tenses, punctuation, and lots that causes bad impression.

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This Training will help answer these questions for the learners:

  • What would you do when during a meeting everyone throws in their opinion and a quarrel ensues?
  • How to set a tone for the meeting?
  • When you open the meeting as the facilitator, what do you think you need to clearly communicate?
  • Which style of facilitation is more suitable – Authoritarian, Democratic, or Laissez-faire?
  • How to open and facilitate a meeting?
  • For a particular meeting, you invited the HR Manager too. What would be the appropriate way to introduce the person?
  • How to state the objective of a particular meeting?
  • How should you introduce the agenda topic for a meeting?
  • How to read the minutes of a previous meeting?
  • Is it necessary to have clearly defined ground rules for a meeting?
  • How to handle distractions during a meeting?
  • One of your participants is going off-topic during a meeting. How would you take control of the situation?
  • How would you encourage a participant to be more involved during a meeting?
  • What would be some useful phrases for participating in a meeting?
  • How to close and follow-up after a meeting?
  • What are some of the important things that need to be included in the minutes of a meeting?

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