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In our lives as a professionals, we have to constantly deal with people who are looking to get their work done in any way possible. Our ability to maintain a healthy relationship and protect our interest is really the key to our survival. This art is not of resorting to aggression or submitting to passivity. But this art is of being a assertive communicator .Assertiveness simply means communicating what you really want or need in a clear manner, respecting your own rights and feelings and the rights and feelings of others.

This quiz will help you identify your assertiveness quotient and how this quotient impacts your relationships with others

It is a critical skill at the workplace as it helps you identify your current behaviors and various elements that make up your assertive mindset. It evaluates how you speak up when you need to, make requests or ask for favors. How well you deal with minor irritations, express negative emotions and refuse requests in an appropriate manner. It also helps you see how well you initiate, carry on, change and terminate conversations.

Take the quiz and find out what your current assertiveness quotient is, read the interpretation and take specific action to improve!

If you are a team leader or manager

This quiz will help you understand your team members better. It will help you identify and understand their needs better. It will help you predict their actions and reactions and help reduce interpersonal conflict. This will give you the opportunity to build a more robust team culture, where each one is aware of the others style. It will also enable you to identify any training needs for your team. Come let’s take the plunge and take this quiz for your team and build stronger teams. You get the customized reports for your team Free of Cost!