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We will cover 4 different phases in building your affiliate program
Select the Product 
Get your Link
Prepare your Audience list

Select the Product 

1. Visit https://learntech.in/products-services-store/ here you will see all available product categories. You can choose to promote a product category or specific products.

2. You can also look at all individual products here for category of E learning courses here https://learntech.in/category/e-learning/ and https://learntech.in/category/articulate-skins-widgets/articulate-skins/ for articulate skins.

3. The commissions for each product are given below



Delivery status


Digital Download /SaaS

Articulate Skins


DIgital Download

Get your Link

By now you have selected the product you would like to promote

Once you login to your affiliate account - on your dash board you will see the marketing menu 

on clicking the link you will see this screen , here you can create your affiliate url

1. Make note of your Affiliate ID, 

2. Get your affiliate link for the product or page you plan to promote 

go to dashboard- click on the menu tab of MARKETING- Click on Affiliate links from dropdown menu

Prepare your Contact List

By now you have selected the product or offer you want to promote , and got your affiliate links . Now you can start promoting the offers. lets look at some strategies for promotion 

Email Marketing : you can prepare your list of contacts from various sources like extracting  emails from your email account, extracting email id's of your linkedin contacts etc.

Extract Emails from your mailbox:

Every email service provider like gmail or yahoo will provide the consolidated email address of all your contacts, you have to look for an option where you can export all contacts.

· Here is how to export contacts from gmail : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-17hUKyAQE

· Here is how to export contacts from yahoo mail : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_drEY98TxY

Extract Emails from your Linkedin:


The exported FIle will have email Id's of your contacts.

Once you have the email Id’s extracted from all sources

You will arrange them according to their characteristics, for example here is a list of all my contacts from HR , and here is my personal email list. Etc.…

Selected targeted list will be your audience for the campaign.

Promote the offer

By now you have selected the product or offer you want to promote , and got your affiliate links . Prepared your contact list, Now you can promote the link to your email contacts and through social media.

Email Promotion

​Once your list is prepared - write up an relevant email insert  your affiliate link and send them the email ... that's it . any person who opens your emails and clicks on the link, as soon as he visits the website , the system will know that it's your contract by tracking the affiliate code in your affiliate url. 

You can see some sample emails that you can copy and paste into your campaign.

you can also use email automation software like mailchimp etc. to see the response of your list to your message , in mailchimp or any other email automation software you will be able to see how many people opened your emails and how many clicked on the link. this will give you fair idea how your campaign is performing and what are you need to focus on to improve conversions.

Social Media Promotion

You will get access to images that you can share on social media accounts with your affiliate links 

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