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Learn Tech is the Preferred Learning Partner working closely with Learning and Business Leaders helping them create business impact with breakthrough learning design and technology.

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Our Genesis - How did it all start.

Learn tech was founded by Aman Deep Dubey in  2010 after working in corporate for a decade as an in house resource and as a consultant in L&D Space.

Aman felt Training was treated as cost head rather than an enabler, rightfully it has been reduced to Tick in the box affair and logistics achievement.

Aman believed learning can be a main enabler to business and started the studio to explore how that  can be made possible with help of breakthrough design & technology.

We Pride ourselves with best testimonials in the industry, and that’s for a reason.

We are committed to help our clients achieve awesomeness and look good in their world, that’s the reason we partner way beyond product delivery.

That’s what gets reflected when our clients talk about us.

Sriram Kunnathur

​Director Learning & Development – Sapient Nitro

​“We believe we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the specific knowledge, skills, and flexibility that Learn Tech Team brought into the project. Everyone here believes that the experience of working with you was fantastic!”

Our Core Team 

Aman Deep Dubey - Learning Strategist

Aman Deep Dubey

Learning Strategist

Munish Sethi - Technology Lead

Munish Sethi

Technology Lead

Gulshan Kumar Verma - Production Lead

Gulshan Kumar Verma

Production Lead

Arvind Rawat - Quality & Assets Lead

Arvind Rawat

Quality & Assets Lead

Meet Aman- Founder Learn Tech

Aman has been spreading the message about learning design and technology here are some of his experiences.

Aman Deep Dubey is chief learning strategist at Learn tech, he leads the design and development process at the studio. Aman is a  Seasoned Training Professional see  with 15 years of corporate training experience. Having worked in organizations as Training Leader and as a consultant.

Aman Deep Dubey - Learning Strategist

Aman Has trained over 10K professionals, has been a certified trainer for international brands.

Lateral thinking – Edward Debono

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven Covey

Neuro Linguistic Programming – Richard Brander

MBTI suite of instruments

Our Paradigm 

We at learn tech operate in the niche Intersection of design/Technology /Business Results

  • What impact can this create how to amplify it ?
  • How will the audience best experience it , how can we make it simpler and more intuitive ?
  • How can we scale and automate it, How can we make it quicker and lighter.

Our Philosophy 

Let's Make Learning FUN !

 5 Reasons why you should choose Learn Tech as your learning Partner

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Our Customers 


Multi disciplinary​​​​ expertise 

We develop all kinds of Products. We understand Design ,Technologies and Modalities. we have developed over 20 + types of learning products, Our Customers benefit from our cross product expertise .This sets us apart from assembly line production houses.

​Custom E learning

​Custom E learning
Custom E learning

​Training Workshops

​Training Workshops
Training Workshops

​Games & Simulations

​Games & Simulations
Games & Simulations

​Video Content

Video Content
​Video Content
Custom E learning

​Content Development

Content Development
​Content Development
Training Workshops

​Web / Mobile application development

Web / Mobile application development
​Web / Mobile application development
Games & Simulations
Aman Deep Dubey - Learning Strategist

It's Vain to do in more,
what can be done in less.

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Let’s Make Learning FUN!