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Let’s Make Learning FUN!

Let’s Make Learning FUN!

Learn Tech

The Learning Design Studio

Recognized as top 20 L&D Consultants in India

Operations in Gurgaon* Dubai* New Jersey

20 + Products created

5000+ Hrs of Content Delivered

5 Reasons what sets apart Learn tech from others

​Why should you choose Learn Tech as a Worthy Learning Partner

*  ​Recognized as top 20 L&D Consultants in India

*  Premium Custom Development Services.

*  Creative Studio Approach to Projects, big relief from Assemble line Productions

*  Operations in Gurgaon* Dubai* New Jersey

*  5000+ Hrs of Content Delivered

5000+ Hrs of Content Delivered
Recognized as top 20 L&D Consultants in India

Best Testimonials in the industry

Sriram Kunnathur

​Director Learning & Development – Sapient Nitro


​“We believe we couldn’t have achieved our goals without the specific knowledge, skills, and flexibility that Learn Tech Team brought into the project. Everyone here believes that the experience of working with you was fantastic!”


​“The Team at Learn Tech really took the time to understand our business in a way that far exceeds all other agencies we have dealt with. The Module has been appreciated by all our technical and non-technical staff, even our counterparts from other countries. I can that this module was the best e-learning that I have done in years!”

Gaurav Panwar

​Training Lead - Ericsson India Pvt Ltd.

Hardeep Singh

​Deputy General Manager - Human Resources-USHA


​“Aman brings tremendous passion to the table and not only is this rare, it is also heartening. He and his team went out-of-the-scope to deliver cutting-edge solutions, not only once, but for each of the projects that we collaborated on. He is an absolute delight to work with!”


​“Learn Tech has time and again delighted us with their service delivery. They bring to the table clear understanding of the business requirement, outstanding design capabilities across many domains, out-of-the-box innovative solution design. I recommend Learn Tech to all serious L&D leaders.”

Kamal Preet Singh Chawla

​Associate Vice President - Corporate HR

Gandharvi Nadkarni


​“Overall we saw professional collaboration, great design & understanding of our requirements, great teamwork , quick development cycle, great service and an international product delivery.”


​“Gamified New Hire Experience from Learn Tech has really captured the imagination of our new hires. It provided high-quality engagement and recall and enabled our vision to better manage onboarding.”

Saurabh Kapoor

​Training Lead- HCL Infosystems

Real Case Studies





Customers Across Domains - Handle everything

All Modalities- Versatile -Services - Short

Aman Deep Dubey-Profile

Aman is a  Seasoned Training Professional see (Facilitator Profile) with 15 years of corporate training experience. Having worked in organizations as Training Leader and as a consultant.

Has trained over 10K professionals, has been a  certified trainer for international brands.

​Thought Leadership

•Delivered Key note at Indian Society of Training & development, IIT Delhi, Amity University..

•Published in magazines

•Active Blogger at LinkedIn 12k+ Followers

Author of Best Rated book on Gamification.

•Lateral thinking – Edward Debono

•7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Steven Covey

•Neuro Linguistic Programming – Richard Brander


Thought Leadership

About Us

We are a Learning Design Studio specializing in custom learning solutions development for organizations.

We offer end to end services for  any kind of a learning Product –

Strategy – Design- Development –Delivery – Technology

Our Expertise is in Learning Strategy & design

We are adept in handling all types of learning needs, ranging from Technical, Leadership/ Behavior based, mandatory compliance related, and software application based.

Our strength is in Instruction design. We engage with clients to understand their specific needs and develop Solution prototypes using various Modalities.

We are not Yes Men , Our Job is to Achive results that make our clients Shine in their world.

5000 + Hrs Content Delivered

20 + Types of Products

Design is Super important in learning

Technology Can not rescue 

Bad Design !!

Think of  design as the quality of facilitator in the classroom. Better facilitator means that your training intervention will bring some results else it’s a waste of everyone’s time !

We believe in helping our clients see the value in breakthrough design and how it can create positive business impact your organization.

​If the design of your learning experience is ‘mediocre’ or ‘not that effective’, technology will only ensure that everyone is subjected to it and you achieve nothing at the end of doing everything.

​Why choose Learn Tech as a partner

Unlike any other agency Learn Tech is  managed by an experienced Training Professional and through leader,( see Aman’s Profile) all instruction design and development happens directly under his supervision.

We understand business (please see our case studies where we have not just delivered fantastic product but have created business impact)

No outsourcing of work to other vendors: we do everything ourselves, that is why

Our Awards are our testimonials : please take the time to read the testimonials and compare the level of delight our clients have expressed.

Multi disciplinary expertise: we work at the cutting edge of design & technology in learning space and have proven capability in all aspects.

The advantage of Partnering with learntech is single point of contact during the project duration. Aman will be single Point of contact

Why choose Learn Tech as a partner