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Anirban Chakraborty Recruitment Consultant.
I did not know i was sitting on business opportunity.

“ my experience of being a LearnTech Affiliate has been FANTASTIC! I have been a recruitment consultant for many years I actually did not know that all my contacts I have made over the years can make me some money A big thank you to Aman and team for making it easy  â€

Amitha S.Capability leader                        
These emails have positioned me as an Expert ....and created a second revenue stream.

“Hi Learntech Team.....just wanted to let you know yesterday got a call form my very old contact and she asked me if i knew any good HR agency ? i asked her why she thought of me , it seems that the emails i have been sending has made her feel that i am in touch with latest market happenings, its a fabulous feeling to be alive for my contacts and be on top of their mind and be seens as an expert , thanks you guys for this I would highly recommend anyone to become a affiliate and create a second revenue stream  "